"Mike Tomash promptly scheduled my home inspection, then did a thorough job reviewing the large aspects, as well as the smaller details that I would not have remembered. The detailed report he provided was accompanied by extra information about home ownership, with interesting tips on safety and energy-savings. Above and beyond service."
-J. Terry

"My wife Tarah and I would definitely recommend Tomash Pro Homes Inspection Service to any homeowner. Mike was very punctual, courteous, and thorough. He also took the time to explain in layman's terms to my wife and I the details of our new home. The most impressive part was Mike's service after the initial inspection. He made himself totally accessible and was more than willing to come back and explain things in further detail. I'm sure that you too will have a quality experience with Tomash Pro Homes!"
-Lucas Helling

"Mike was very thorough.  I was confident that I knew the condition of our house when we bought it based on his evaluation.  I was pleased with the report we were given and it helped us get some minor deficiencies updated by the sellers.  I would definitely use Mike again if we would need another home inspection."
-Bridget Miller

"Mike was quick, professional, and thorough.  He was happy to answer any questions I had about the workings of the house, both during and after the inspection.  I would highly recommend him."
-Dave Inman

"I recommend Mike to all of my clients.  I have found that he is extremely thorough, and I love that he emails my reports to me.  He has worked well with all of my clients from first time home buyers to ones buying their third or fourth home.  I always recommend my clients to go on the inspection with Mike especially the first time home buyers.  He is very good at informing them of regular maintenance items that most first time home buyers are normally not aware of.  I know that every inspection that I show up for I always learn something new!!  He is extremely knowledgeable and can easily translate something into layman's terms for me!  I appreciate Mike and all of the hard work he has put in for my clients and I!"
-Jennifer Hummell of Skogman Realty

"My realtor gave me Mike's name to have a home inspection completed. Not only did Mike complete the inspection on the SAME DAY that he was called to set up an appointment, he also completed an extremely detailed home inspection report just a few hours later. The detail of the inspection and quality of the report was amazing. Mike really took a very close look at my future home, and found details as fine as a slightly loose towel rod. As I was buying a home in Iowa and living in Michigan, Mike really set my mind at ease. He also has been in contact with me after the inspection to assure that everything was going well. I give Mike the highest possible recommendation and will be referring my family and friends to him without hesitation. Clearly, Mike is a professional who takes great pride in his work, takes his time, and has an incredible eye for detail. Thanks Mike!"
-Dr. David Roman, University of Iowa

"I've had many clients select Mike as their home inspector and they've all been extremely pleased and impressed with his expertise and patience. He does a wonderful job explaining the inspection process and answering any questions they may have before during and after the inspection."
-Jessica Kendall Realtor

"Mike, thanks for stopping by my house a couple of weeks ago. Even though I have been living there now for about four months, it really helped to have you walk me through and point out the things you found in your inspection. In particular, I want to thank you for the pointers you gave me about upkeep of my appliances, etc. (I just got my water softener working--what an unbelievable difference!!!!)

You don't know who to trust when you are moving to a new place from out-of-state. I clearly made the right pick when I chose you for my house inspection. Your professionalism, friendliness, and expertise were very much appreciated. I would recommend you without reservation to anyone!"

"Mike was professional and explained things in detail during our home inspection. Mike was responsive even after the inspection; he stopped at our house again at our request to help us with questions we had. That was very helpful and we rate Mike highly for the good service!"

"I just wanted to write and say thank you for the thoroughness of your home inspection. Two units had sold right before ours and not a single inspector checked out the roof. You went the extra mile and noted that our wear was way more severe than a five year-old roof should have. Now we have found that the manufacturer was making faulty shingles and are in the process of getting them replaced. If it weren't for you I can't imagine what might have happened to our home or the other homeowners in our association. Thanks again."

"Mike Tomash was a wonderful inspector.  He went above and beyond in my opinion.  I believe that Mike is great and every one should use him.  I am glad that he is honest, blunt, and to the point.  Thanks Mike for doing a great job.  Love the new house."

"I wanted to say thank you for your professionalism and skill.  I have been on about 3 other home inspections in the past, and I can say without reservation that you were by far the most knowledgeable, personable, and professional home inspector I've met.  I will definitely recommend you to any friend who needs a home inspection.  Thanks again."
-Michael S.




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